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“Care to Share”

Summer is here and we need your help.


Foodbank aug.2013


Andera Birrell and Aaron Russell  from the Port Cares Reach Out Food Centre . Photo courtesy Luke Edwards, Niagara this Week. For the full article by Luke in the Leader see here.

“Food Centre Stretched Thin” 

This is the time of year when food donations are low. It is also a time when children are home from school and not able to depend on school lunch programs. One hundred and ninety six children(196) depended on food given out at the Port Cares Reach Out Food Centre in the month of May. We try to provide as much fresh, healthy food as possible and therefore we would welcome donations from anyone in the community who has a garden or a farm and has excess produce. We are also in need of canned meats/tuna, canned juices, and peanut butter.  Donate now!

The Port Cares Reach Out Centre is a centre for change that does more than simply provide Individuals with emergency food supplies, it is a centre of social support and change.  Health services, a community kitchen, children and youth programs, a community teaching garden and training are all part of the services.

Donations can be dropped off at 61 Nickel Street or the main office at 92 Charlotte Street. Monetary donations will purchase needed items and are eligible for tax receipts.

Lynda Reinhart, Executive Director

Lynda.reinhart@portcares.on.ca  905.834.3629 Ext 248