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Our Food Bank is here for you!

Did you know that our Food Bank  is open to all residents of our community in demonstrated need? We have served over 494 individuals on average every month so far this year and we gave out an average of 14,800 pounds of food per month!  We are here to help you with food, clothing, counselling, access to other services and much more!

Our Food Bank is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.   Visit us at 61 Nickel Street in Port Colborne to learn more or call us at 905-835-1914.


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Our community garden is waiting for you. Come and join us!

Did you know that the Port Cares Reach Out Centre also offers a community garden? Every year we welcome volunteers to claim one of the 33 garden beds we have available to grow their own vegetables! We are here to help with hands on gardening workshops and cooking classes.
We can take you right through the planting of your fruits and vegetables to harvesting, cooking and preserving. We offer cooking circles for both adults and children and we encourage you to make it a family experience. All classes and supplies are free! Call us to get involved. 905-835-1914


Did you know that we offer a free school lunch kit program?

Port Cares offers a free Lunch Kit program to children in our community through our
Food Bank. We distributed an average of 200 kits per month for the current 2015/2016 school year! That equates to 1000 lunches. Both elementary and high school students can access this program. So, if you are a parent and need help to make sure your child has enough food for school lunches please contact us at 905-835-1914 or visit us at 61 Nickel Street. Eligible Parents can receive 1 kit per week per child.

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This program is only made possible by donations from community members like you. Special thanks go to the Branscombe Family Foundation, Ontario Association of Food Banks, Wayne Elliott of RAW Materials Inc. and the BIC Church Port Colborne.

If you are able to donate please drop off donations to 61 Nickel Street. Thank You!
Together with your support NO child in our community should be going to school hungry and we thank you for your generosity.

This week is ” Every Plate Full” week across Canada. Please donate to your local Food Banks.

Right now here in the community of Port Colborne there are families and individuals who must rely on the Port Cares Food Bank to be able to feed themselves and the ones they love.

In 2015 we served an average of 615 individuals each month and 218 were children!

Did you know that NO food bank in Canada  receives any kind of support from ANY type of government? Food Banks were created by and are run by community groups, agencies  and citizens who care deeply about the poverty facing many of our fellow community members.

How can you help? Please consider donating your time as a Volunteer or Sponsor a meal at our Food Bank and Reach out Centre at 61 Nickel Street. We also gratefully accept donations of  fresh food and non perishable items in addition to monetary donations.

To learn more please contact our Reach Out Centre at 905-835-1914 or email us at