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Current Port Cares Programs and Activities

Check out the Ontario Early Years Centre at Port Cares

dad and kidsAre you looking for a place to bring your child to play and learn new activities? Over 14,900 children between the age of 0-6 visited our centres in 2016/17 and we have many services to offer you.

Do you as a parent and caregiver want to connect with other parents and learn more about the resources available to you and your child in the community? mom & babay

Our Port Cares Ontario Early Year Centres are here to help you. There is no cost for any of our programs. Come on out and visit us at one of our 4 sites. You can also reach us at 1-866-933-9633 or  OEYC Information .

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How the Youth Justice Program could help a young adult

Port Cares offers parents and youth access to the Niagara Youth Justice Program (NYJ) through our onsite Niagara Youth Justice Manager Heather Ranger, MSW.
This program offers an alternative to formal court proceedings for youth, 12-17 years-old, who have committed minor offences. Over 80 youth were assisted through our program in 2016/17. The NYJ serves the entire Niagara region and accepts referrals from Police and Crown Attorneys.
Youth Justice Committees (YJC) are based on restorative justice principles which gives priority to the accountability and the needs of the youth, needs of the victim, and community wellness and healing. This is done through community conferencing that involves trained community members who meet with persons harmed, accused young people and their parents/caregivers to negotiate an appropriate way for the young person to make amends for their actions.
By offering this program Port Cares provides an opportunity for those who have been harmed and the broader community to have a role in dealing with offences committed by young persons.
This program was established under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.
For more information please contact Heather Ranger at 905-834-3629 ext. 242.
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How the Port Cares Employment Division can help You!

The Port Cares Division, also known as PC Works offers residents of all ages the opportunity to meet with a knowledgeable and experienced employment counsellor to assist with one on one career coaching.

We can help with resume writing, interview skills and all aspects of the job search. We also offer computer skills training, upgrading and works shops. Training such as Safety, WHMIS, Fork Lift, Smart Serve, First Aid and other training opportunities are offered onsite here at Port Cares.

We would like to share a good news story about Mr. Bell who worked with Julia Norris, one of our Employment Counsellors. We thank him for sharing his story with us.

“Overall, the whole office was helpful. In the computer room tracking down addresses and phone numbers, copying resumes and just plain helping folks out that aren’t really that good with computers. I would also like to mention that over the past number of years I’ve used the various different services available at the Port Cares office and always had good results.” 

PC Works

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How our Learning Centre can benefit you.

At Port Cares we recognize that there may be times when some of us need help to full-fill our personal and career goals when it comes to education.

Do you want to finish your High School Diploma, pursue a College or University education, or learn basic Computer skills? If yes, our Learning Centre Team can help you get on the right path to realizing your goals. We offer personalized, confidential assistance, and you can work at your own pace at no cost to you.

May be you are like Emily, who is pursuing her dream of finishing her High School Diploma by participating in upgrading classes right here at Port Cares. We thank Emily for sharing her story.

Of her experience with Louise MacIntyre from the Learning Centre Team she writes: “I would like to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me throughout my school process. You’ve helped me not only to make the first steps in changing my life, but have also given me more confidence in doing so. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor through this process. You are truly amazing.”

Give us a call at 905-834-3629 ext.241 or visit us at 92 Charlotte Street and we will work with you to help you reach your goals.

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Our Community garden is thriving and we welcome you to enjoy it.

Our Community Garden is a wonderful teaching garden located on Davis Street in Port Colborne where fun and practical workshops about alternative gardening methods are offered to everyone of all ages. We offer hands on opportunities for families to grow their own food, cook it and share it at a family meal on Tuesday at 11 am in our nearby community kitchen. Family Meal

Children as young a preschoolers are learning about their environment in our garden. We also offer cooking circles on Monday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm after school. Our farm to table cooking circles use fresh food grown by the children in their own plots in this multi use garden. Youth in the Kitchen   Kids in the Kitchen

We encourage you to come and share a meal at our Reach Out Centre with fresh food that has grown in our community garden. Or simply come for the rest in our peaceful garden and healing circle. Contact Brian at 905-835-1914 for more information on how you can join in and grow your own vegetables.

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We are here to help you…………….

Did you know that here at Port Cares we offer a full range of confidential and supportive advocacy and referral services to people in need? We offer crisis intervention and outreach, referrals to mental health and addiction counselling, access to legal professionals, assistance with housing and emergency relief for utility payments.
At Port Cares if you are in crisis or in need we will take care of you.
Please contact us at 905-834-3629 or drop by our 92 Charlotte Street location in Port Colborne for support.CS image 1

Port Cares now offers a Youth Justice Program to help young adults and parents.

Did you know that Port Cares offers a Youth Justice program for young adults and their parents in our community?

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The NYJC is an alternative to formal court proceedings for youth, 12-17 years-old, who have committed minor offenses. The NYJC serves the entire Niagara region and accepts referrals from Police and Crown Attorneys. Call 905-834-3629 ext.242 to learn more.

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Our Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centre is a great resource for you and your children.

Ontario Early Years centers provide a one- stop opportunity for pre and postnatal supports, parenting resources and programs, playgroups, as well as linkages to community resources.
We have strong relationships with Niagara Region Public Health, Strive, YMCA to name a few community partners.
Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centers are a place to build something meaningful for the service of the family and are open to all parents and children (age 0-6). Visit us at 92 Charlotte Street in Port Colborne or call 905-834-9071 for more information.
OEYC did you know......