Homelessness is a reality in our community but there is help.

At any given time there could be as many as 100 individuals including families with children who are homeless in our community. They are the families who cannot find affordable housing, and who are struggling with unemployment and poverty. They are the hidden homeless, such as the young person sitting next to your child in school who has been sleeping on someone’s floor or outdoors because they are not safe at home. Or it could be an individual dealing with addiction or mental illness.

Homelessness has many faces. Let us help you or someone you know. At Port Cares we have dedicated staff that will assist individuals facing homelessness and we currently have access to 24 transitional housing units. Together with other community agencies we provide support so individuals can move forward at their own pace and find a place to call home.

Here is a success story we would like to share:  In 2016 our Housing Coordinator Dave advocated for a blind man so he could  to remain in the housing program after his apartment flooded numerous times. “We found him temporary lodging in a motel, negotiated with past and present landlords and established income sources for new apartment costs for moving and last months’ rent. Imagine being blind and on a limited income when everything starts to go wrong. Think about the trust you have to put in someone who states that it will take time when you have just got out of bed in the morning and are standing in water. This individual thanks us almost every day for his safe affordable apartment that he moved into last spring.”

How can you help? Please consider  attending our upcoming Pancake Brunch at our Reach Out Centre on Feb. 7  where we hope to raise funds for our Client Services and Housing initiatives. Thank You.

Pancake Flyer 2017 final