Friday, April 3, 2020  

PLEASE NOTE *** if you are experiencing fever, have a cough and or difficulty breathing we ask that you stay home and contact your manager to advise them of your illness. If you are working another job currently and coming into work premises we would kindly ask that you jointly advise your manager and HR.  We’re winding down the work week – thanks to everyone who could take part in our ZOOM chat – great to see your faces and hear that everyone is leading by example and practicing social distancing, hand washing and isolation.

I want to share that early this afternoon the Region of Niagara announced a state of emergency to protect the health and safety of Niagara residents across all 12 municipalities.  The directive states that “This situation represents a real and pressing risk to the health of our community, and we all need to work together to slow the spread of the virus. By declaring this emergency together, we are underscoring the critical nature of the situation with everyone in the region.” The directive also outlines the following mandatory directives that are now in place:

  • Residents are reminded that the following mandatory directives are now in place:
  • Stop all gatherings of more than five people (this includes private gatherings of extended family)
  • Avoid all outdoor recreational amenities, including parks, playgrounds, beaches, and sports fields
  • Close all non-essential businesses
  • Stay home as much as possible and only leave the house once a week if required
  • Self-isolate for 14 days if you have symptoms or have returned to Canada from being outside the country
  • Practice physical distancing and wash hands frequently

Municipalities across Ontario have the power to issue fines to enforce these public health and emergency directives. Failing to comply with an emergency order carries a fine of $750 per offence, and up to $1,000 for obstructing those attempting to carry out their duties under the Act.

Concerns around enforcement should be directed to local municipal bylaw offices. After-hours calls may also be directed to the Niagara Regional Police Service’s non-emergency line at 905-688-4111. Do not call 911.

Stay well all –  Christine