Thursday, March 19, 2020

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE ***For all employees and volunteers who are deemed ESSENTIAL WORKERS  if you are experiencing fever, a cough and or difficulty breathing we ask that you STAY HOME and contact your manager to advise them of your illness.

There are  only a few NEW changes effective today for the operation of Port Cares essential services – at 92 Charlotte and the Reach Out Centre – ( all EarlyON sites remain closed ).

  • Employment Ontario staff will be rotating their attendance in office – most staff will be working from home to reduce the number of individuals congregating at 92 Charlotte.
  • All staff have now been assigned to one work location ONLY – NO STAFF MEMBERS will be working out of our two operating locations. To be clear we will be delivering supplies between 92 Charlotte and ROC but will not be going into the building that is not their PRIMARY site. Christine Clark Lafleur and Sarah Eller–  should there be an exceptional circumstance — will be the only two Port Cares employees permitted into both buildings. Christine will be the primary lead at 92 Charlotte and Sarah the lead at ROC.
  • Frontline workers at 92 Charlotte and ROC have been provided with FACE SHIELDS and GLOVES and are required to wear them when serving clients during a) food bank pre-packed grocery distribution b)take-out meal distribution at ROC and c) assisting walk-in into the main lobby at 92 Charlotte.
  • All walk-in clients to 92 Charlotte will be served in the MAIN LOBBY by the Trustee or Housing Worker on site – no one will be permitted entry past the main lobby.
  • Terminal Cleaning continues at 92 Charlotte.

We’re also in the midst of making contingency arrangements to safely receive the wonderful food donations that are coming forward from the community. We are arranging for the rental of a walk-in storage pod where we can hold donations for 48 hours before safely bringing the non-perishable donations into ROC.

Thanks EVERBODY .. we are going to get through this all TOGETHER !!!!!!

Christine Clark Lafleur

Executive Director, Port Cares