Housing Services
Port Cares Housing services assist people who are living on the street, at-risk of homelessness by moving from house to house, living in a shelter or other temporary housing or are living in unsuitable housing, to find and maintain stable housing. Housing Help staff work to prevent evictions, and prevent homelessness. Staff will work to ensure each person is connected to the appropriate resources and services. Funding for these services are through the Homelessness Housing Loss Prevention strategy through the Region of Niagara.
A Housing Help Coordinator can assist with:
• Finding emergency shelter
• Finding suitable housing
• Work to identify and support you to achieve your life goals
• Mediation with landlord and tenant disputes
• Fill out application forms for Niagara Regional Housing
• Applications for new and replacement identification
• Referrals to other appropriate services
• Trusteeship (educational money management support system to prevent loss of housing)

Housing First:
Port Cares staff, in partnership with Bridges Community Health Centre staff, maintain supports to tenants in identified Housing First apartment units in the community (when available)
In order to be eligible the following requirements must be met:
• Must be 18 years of age of older
• Must be on the Niagara Regional Housing wait list
• Willing to accept support services provided by the agencies
• Must have the shelter portion of their benefits paid directly to the landlord
• Must have some form of consistent income
• Must agree to purchase tenant insurance

Helpful Links:
Call 2-1-1 or the Housing Emergency Link Program 905-984-8649


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