Niagara Youth Justice Committee (NYJC)
The NYJC is a program established under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. The NYJC is an alternative to formal court proceedings for youth, 12-17 years-old, who have committed minor offenses. The NYJC serves the entire Niagara region and accepts referrals from Police and Crown Attorneys.
Youth Justice Committees (YJC) are based on restorative justice principles which gives priority to the accountability and the needs of the youth, needs of the victim, and community wellness and healing. This is done through community conferencing that involves trained community members who meet with persons harmed, accused young people and their parents/caregivers to negotiate an appropriate way for the young person to make amends for their actions. YJCs provide an opportunity for those who have been harmed and the broader community to have a role in dealing with offenses committed by young persons.
To learn more, contact our Youth Justice Committee Coordinator at 905-834-3629 ext. 242 or email Tanya Lefebvre.
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