Port Cares Youth Justice
The Port Cares Youth Justice department includes the Niagara Youth Justice Committee and the No Longer the Norm: Sexting project.
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No Longer the Norm
A Legal Information Training Project on Sexting (and related cyberbullying)
The main objective of No Longer the Norm is to train front-line staff working with young people about the law as it relates to sexting and cyberbullying (as well as other relevant consequences), and provide them with the resources to pass this information along to youth.
There are workshops being facilitated throughout the Niagara Region, with a video that we have developed as a training tool, as well as offering webinars across Ontario. Training will help community workers provide more comprehensive education to young people and their families. All of this has been done with the assistance of an Advisory Committee made up of community partners.
Are you interested in being trained on how to speak to youth about this topic? Contact us!

Tanya Lefebvre
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