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Alert ! Port Cares is not affiliated with any Home Energy Company

Please note that Port Cares is in no way affiliated with the Sunwave Home Comfort Group or Ontario Home Comfort or any other home energy company. Sales representatives from one of these  companies have been canvassing door to door in our community and have been using the Port Cares name fraudulently.
This company is offering home energy inspections, furnaces, windows  etc. under the pretence of being associated with our agency. We have registered a complaint against the company and should you have any encounter door to door with any company claiming to be associated with us please advise us at 90-834-3629.

Thank You!

What does poverty really look like?

Poverty has many faces and someone in your family, your neightbourhood, your commmunity could be affected. To learn more please watch this video and read the article published by the St. Catharines Standard on April 25th ,2014.


“There’s a woman who can’t read or write. Another who has a degree in nursing. And a guy with two college diplomas.

There’s a double transplant recipient. A cancer survivor. A guy born with cerebral palsy.

And a former psychiatric patient and alcoholic.

There’s a husband and wife with a 15-month-old son. A 2 1/2-year-old boy who breathes through a hole in his throat. And a six-year-old boy who collects stuffed animals and plans on living with his mother forever.

There’s a writer. A woman who works the night shift at a gas station. And a single mom who works four days a week in a factory.

People who might otherwise have nothing in common, all sharing one life event.


Together, they are the faces of poverty.”  St.Catharines Standard.



Port Cares News April 2014- Focus on Homelessness and Transportation

Port Cares is participating in a three year research project with Raising the Roof on:homelessness

“Although Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, child and family homelessness is a serious and growing issue. More than 37% of Canadian households are having difficulty maintaining housing and more and more families are relying on emergency shelters. Between 2005 and 2009, the estimated number of children using those shelters grew from 6,205 to 9,459.”  To learn more visit www.raising the 

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Transportation that is affordable and accessable is critical for everyone in our community, especially those who must rely on it for work and school. Let your voice be heard and complete the online survey  at until April 30. Paper copies are also available at Port Cares.

Regional Transit Survey Media Release

Regional Transit Survey Perspective  






Sportsfest in Port Colborne February 14th to 17th – Canalside to donate to Port Cares

Sportsfest is just a few days away and here are few great events at Canalside that you may wish to participate in. Canalside is generously donating the proceeds from these events to Port Cares. We thank them and you for your support.

Music Trivia-Name that  Tune   Friday Feb. 14th  8 pm  $10.00

Wine & Cheese Tasting   Saturday Feb. 15th    9 pm  $20.00

Soup Cook Off    Sunday  Feb.16th    Noon to  4 pm  $10.00

For more information contact Greg at 905-834-6090